My name is JK Kim

And this is about what I do!

[well, some of what I do as I can't share proprietary stuffs]
There are many things I do, but I love to puzzle together sequences of symbols that computers can read!

These are some of the technologies that I love and work with!

Honestly, JS is not my forte, but most of my free time is spent on JS projects at GitHub as it is what I love and believe.

Java has been my bread and butter. I have worked on various J2EE based stock trading and financial applications most of my life.

HTML5 is cool!

At least so I have been told... But it is fun!

Apache Spark has been challenging but it opened many possibilities.

Functional programing is one of my best friend!

Where I work...

Doing a startup thing in a startup as a startup employee. I still don't know what I'm doing but I have a feeling that they want me to work with big data and machine learning via writing some codes for them...

During the day, I have written codes to test and maintain scalability, stability and correctness of the Apache Pulsar distributed messaging queue working with Zookeeper, Bookkeepr, ActiveMQ and other fun technologies. Which means I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm learning and it is so much fun!

As a member of Regulatory Technology member, I wrote softwares for stock traders and risk analysts to monitor trading activities of Goldman Sachs so they could be in compliance with various financial regulations such as FED, PRA, Dodd Frank and more.

It was my plan to go to graduate school but SunGard drafted me out of college so I could be a Senior Consultant to write financial software solutions for SunGard's clients.

While attending Baylor University, I also interned with Engineering and Computer Science department of Baylor to write softwares to maintain and control a cluster of computers.

I'm active on Github!

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When I am not working, I enjoy rugby, cycling, photography and the company of my friends at a local pub.