My name is JK Kim

And this is about what I do!

[well, some of what I do as I can't share proprietary stuffs]

[But I can share this blog post about architecting database that can handle 730k msg/sec write all the while saving +$30k a month in infrastructure cost...]

I like to make computers go beep boop beep boop!

These are some of the technologies that I love and work with!

Honestly, JS is not my forte, but most of my free time is spent on JS projects at GitHub as it is what I love and believe.

Kubernetes has been a never ending learning project.

Golang has became one of my favorite tools of all time.

Apache Spark has been challenging but it opened many possibilities.

Functional programing is a something learn.

When I am not working, I enjoy rugby, cycling, photography and the company of my friends at a local pub.